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WE WELCOME NEWCOMERS WARMLY, because we value being open to all that newcomers can bring. As individuals, we come from many backgrounds: Unitarian Universalist, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, atheist, agnostic, humanist and many other traditions. We take pride in our diversity; from this diversity comes strength. We welcome new members without regard to race, sex, sexual orientation, or physical abilities.

Our congregation is growing rapidly because we have a great minister, a vibrant, diverse membership of over 300 individuals and families, exciting programs, classes, and events, all encompassed in a very unique and elegant historic building. We are a caring community of many friends, old and new, who enjoy being together to share our common values of open mindedness, acceptance of diversity, and social responsibility. 

Welcome TableCome to our Services this Sunday and see what you think. Be sure to park in our reserved visitor spaces in the gravel lot nearest to the building.  The first thing you'll notice when you walk in the door is our Welcome Table.  The volunteer at the table will welcome you warmly and give you a nametag.  If you would like to receive our newsletter or have us contact you during the week to welcome you personally to our congregation and answer any questions that you have, please fill out a guest card.  The volunteers at the table will also be happy to answer your questions or introduce you to others who can help.

If you come to the 9:00 am Service and have school-age children (ages 3-18), we will help you register them for our religious education classes (Sunday School) and walk with you upstairs to find their classrooms and meet their teachers.  Some Sundays, the children join the beginning of the Service and then go to their classes midway through.  Other Sundays, the children go right upstairs and join their classes for "Children's Chapel."  A few Sundays a year, the children stay for the whole Service.  If your child is not comfortable joining our classes right away or if you come to the 11:00 am Service, he or she is very welcome to stay with you; children are always welcome in our Services.

Quiet babies in arms are also always welcome in the Services at any time, but if your arms need a break, we have a nursery for babies and children under the age of three at each service, where caring volunteers will be pleased to take care of them during the service (you'll need to sign in and provide your contact information).   If you keep your baby with you during the Service, but need to step out to care for him or her at any time, the library next to the Meeting Room (where the Services are held) has a speaker so that you can continue to hear the Service.  We are very supportive of breastfeeding mothers; please feel free to nurse your baby discreetly anywhere in our Fellowship, including during the Service.

During the service, we like to welcome newcomers personally (there are usually several), so you may be asked to stand up and introduce yourself if you want to (if you don't, that's fine, too).  When the collection basket comes around, please don't feel an obligation to contribute.  For the first two Sundays that you join us, you are our guest and we don't expect our guests to feel obligated to donate to our Fellowship.

After the service is over, please join us for our very enjoyable Coffee Hour, which is many members' favorite part of coming to Sunday Services. It's a time for us to see old friends, meet new ones, and just enjoy being together. Plus we have very good organically grown, free trade coffee and a nice assortment of snacks. Many times, there are also special tables set up for the activities that we have happening or special projects members have organized.  Sometimes we even have crafts or specialty items for sale.  The children come downstairs from their religious education and rejoin the gathering around this time (at 10:30), adding their happiness and joy to our conversations. 

If you have children attending the classes, you'll need to go to the classes when they end to get them.  Their teachers will be sure to let you know how the classes went for your child. 

When you're ready to leave, please leave your nametag so that we will have it ready for you when you come back.  If you didn't get a chance to do so earlier, please fill out our guest card to receive our newsletter and, if you'd like, a personal call from a member of our congregation to learn more about our Fellowship.  You are also welcome to call our minister at any time to talk to her or make an appointment to meet with her in person.

To help you become oriented to our congregation and Unitarian Universalism beyond our Sunday Services, we have newcomer dinners and activities, an introduction to Unitarian Universalism course called "Getting to Know UU," and other adult enrichment courses. Our Newsletter and Sunday Bulletin have information about when these activities will happen next.  Don't worry, we won't ask you to volunteer for anything for a while.  Just as we don't ask for donations right away, we want to give you time to acclimate to our community before contributing your time and talent.

We really look forward to meeting you at our Services and getting to know you. To learn more about our congregation before you come, read over our Frequently Asked Questions and the other pages on this website. Your journey with Unitarian Universalism begins with just these few clicks of your mouse.



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